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17 Jun

Serve as a Greeter at Mass

I’m Just a Greeter

I received an email a few days ago and one of the comments was that the person was “just a greeter” and wanted something else to do. Being a greeter is one of the most important jobs we have at each Mass.

Greeters impart the first impression of St. Francis when someone walks through the entrance of our church. This is especially true if the person is a visitor. While it is wonderful to greet those we know, someone visiting is probably a little apprehensive when showing up. If we can put them at ease and welcome them, they might come back, or better yet, become part of our parish family.

Being a greeter is like welcoming someone to your home. You don’t expect strangers or some family members to just walk in and get involved with the activities that are going on. I suspect most of us would welcome them at the door and invite them into our home. Should we not do the same with our parish family and visitors? Welcome them and get them settled into what we are doing.

When we welcome someone into our church, it’s an act of hospitality. When someone enters, we greet them, introduce ourselves and if possible, introduce them to someone else who just came through the door. The hospitality ministers could play an equal part in this. If they know someone in the pew next to the person that just came in, introduce them.

Jesus said, “Whoever receives the one I send receives me” (John 13:20).

We receive Jesus when we meet someone at the door of our church. He sent them to us. Should we not acknowledge and welcome them? What a blessing to recognize Jesus in another person or family!

When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, he wasn’t teaching them something; he was showing them how to do it. That’s the way it’s been from the beginning of the Church: we share the message of Jesus through our words, our actions, and our love.

There is nothing like the human touch to convey the love of Jesus—your smile, your voice, or your welcoming presence.

If you are interested in being a greeter at St. Francis, please contact Lynda Thomas at lynda.lewis@sbcglobal.net or 210.632.5704 or Deacon Jim Hewson at dcnjimhewson@gmail.com or 210.508.2219.