Our Ministries
25 Jun

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

To Be Made Well

The need for healings, the need for so much of God’s creation to be made well, is huge. Think of all the persons in your life who are in need of healing from illnesses, from abuse, addictions, shunning, fractured relationships, and exclusion. If I (or anyone) were being shunned today, if I were in need of healing, what is the closest thing to Jesus that I could touch and be healed? What is it about Jesus that made him notice, become aware, and do something about it when people of all kinds asked, in words and in actions, for life, for restoration to wholeness, for acceptance in the community?

Many of us remember June as being the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Our Scripture readings give us evidence of what stirs Jesus’ heart and how he responds with compassion and grants fullness of life to all who have faith and boldly ask to be made well. How will we, the community professing faith during our worship this weekend, participate in the healing work of Jesus, bringing all of God’s creation to wholeness and fullness of life?