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21 Jan

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Being the Body of Christ

We are the Body of Christ! We say it and sing it often. Do we understand how that is lived out? Love must be embodied. It is not enough to say, “I love you.” Those words must be acted upon. Consider, for example, when have we—the Body of Christ at St. Francis—been “glad tidings to the poor,” “liberty to captives,” “sight to the blind,” and “release to prisoners”?

We say “we” are the Body of Christ. Our readings, our music, and our full and active participation, from beginning to end, are expressions of our belief, our love, and our commitment to each other and to all of God’s creation. Our “communion” song this weekend is a meditation itself. Listen to the musical version and pay attention to the words.

Watch this video to hear the song with the lyrics on the screen.

Reflect on your role in the Body of Christ. How might you contribute in your own way? How might your family be the Body of Christ? How might we at St. Francis grow in our capacity to be the Body of Christ?